Import Your Dream Japanese Car

How Performance Heaven can help you import a car from Japan

Performance Heaven makes importing a Japanese car simple. We first request a $1,000 deposit which, once transferred, allows us to go to work on finding your dream car.

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Wednesday through to Saturday are typically the busiest days of the week, as these are the days major car auction houses are operating. Performance Heaven will email you regarding available vehicles and added information that fits your criteria. If any of the available vehicles interest you, we will then send you more detailed information about the vehicle’s condition.

We will provide you with an honest and unbiased evaluation of whether or not the vehicle was respected by its previous owner - we do this so as to give you advice on whether the car is right for you to bid on.



You always have the final say on whether you want to bid on the car as well as how much you would like to bid on it. See it like us being at the wheel while you navigate the turns - we act on your instructions so that you always end up with the car you really want.


Once we have bid on the car, the next job is to pay for it (naturally!). The cost of your vehicle is called the FOB (free on board) cost. The FOB cost covers everything including taking the car to a Japanese port where it will then be shipped on to Australia. Performance Heaven accounts for everything when accumulating your budget - it is a typically accurate process that leaves little room for guessing. We are highly experienced in negotiating Japanese Yen to Australian Dollar conversions and we believe we provide the best service rates, Our clients often save plenty of money on their vehicle transfer - the more expensive the car, the higher the savings.


IMPORTANT: It’s worth noting that Performance Heaven must ensure you have clear funds in your account as banks refuse to provide loans for international vehicle purchases.


Now, how do I get my Japanese Import Car?

Once your car arrives, the next payment is due which covers the vehicle’s shipping as well as related costs and import taxes. This has to be promptly paid and we typically have the costs arranged well before the vehicle arrives. We do this to ensure the car has a seamless transition through customs and into Australia. When this payment has cleared, we will then go on to arrange delivery to the compliance shop.

Once compliance is complete and your vehicle receives its compliance sticker you will then pay the compliance shop for their work and the vehicle will then be ready to obtain registration. Compliance differs from state to state, so we will talk about this with you based on where you are located.


Performance Heaven makes it easy

What is most important to Performance Heaven, and what sets us apart from most car sellers, is that we are objective and have no interest in recommending different vehicles. The only money we receive for our service is the original fee. Every other fee is charged to you at cost price from the necessary suppliers. This means no vehicle makes us any more/less money and this provides you with surety of an unbiased opinion. The price of the car doesn’t matter - we always make the same amount. We just want you to be happy with your new vehicle so that you can pass on the good word about Performance Heaven’s importing service.