Hondata K-PRO for Honda S2000 (00-05)

Hondata K-PRO for Honda S2000 (00-05)

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This is a specially adapted ECU which allows the 2000-2005 S2000 to run from a RSX ECU. The engine crank and cam sensors must be changed to equivalent 2006-2007 parts - see below.

The S2000 KPro includes a new or user supplied RSX (PRB) ECU adapted for the S2000, and a wiring harness for the crank and cam sensors. It does not include the Honda parts - see Mechanical Modifications below. All user supplied ecu's must be PRB A01-A12 and in perfect working order. We will not use any other ecu's for the S2000.


Main Features:

Factory reliability for your S2000.
Easy starting.
Dash water temperature display functions normally.
All the features of the K-Pro
Injector re-calibration.
Fully mapped boost tables.
Nitrous control.
Boost control.
And more...

Mechanical modifications

The following items must be replaced before the S2000 K-Pro can be used. These parts are not supplied by Hondata and should be purchased from a Honda dealer.

Crank sensor 37500-PZX-003
Crank wheel 13622-PCX-013
TDC sensor 37510-PZX-003
TDC wheel 14112-PCX-003
Valve cover 12310-PCX-020
Drain plug washer (for PCV valve) 94109-14000
PCV valve 17130-PCX-003
IAT sensor 37880-P05-A00 (not required, but stock IAT will read about 30 degrees hotter)

Swapping the parts is relatively straight forward, in brief you will need to:

Remove the accessory belt.
Remove the water pump pulley.
Remove the crank pulley.
Remove the front timing cover.
Remove and replace the crank timing wheel.
Remove and replace the crank sensor in the timing cover, and reinstall the timing cover.
Remove old wiring to crank sensor.
Install wiring harness from crank sensor to ECU.
Reinstall water pump pulley and accessory belt.
Remove the valve cover.
Remove and replace the TDC sensor wheel (exhaust cam).
Install the new TDC sensor and PCV valve in the new timing cover, and install the new valve cover.
Remove S2000 ECU. Install the wiring harness through the firewall underneath the clutch master cylinder. If you have cut the wiring rubber boot, seal it with silicone sealer.
Install the RSX ECU.

As a bonus your will find that your brand new valve cover is not dirty and has no oil stains.


Immobilizer. The S2000 immobilizer is not supported.

Water Temperature. The S2000 dash water temperature display functions as per normal. For an AP1 the second segment normally lights at 145 degrees F, and the third at 165 degrees F.

Air Conditioning. In KManager you will need to select 'Use alternate AC switch input'. No wiring changes need to be made. Idle up and enrichment is as per the stock ECU.

Closed loop. The RSX ECU will run in closed loop using the S2000 primary oxygen sensor. Due to the RSX ECU normally using a wide band oxygen sensor, in KManager you use select 'Use Secondary Oxygen Sensor for Primary' (don't panic - the ECU is actually running off the S2000 primary oxygen sensor, which has been routed through the RSX ECU as the secondary oxygen sensor). Using a wideband RSX oxygen sensor is not recommended because the oxygen sensor is expensive (as much as an aftermarket wideband) and substantial re-wiring is required. The ECU can datalog aftermarket wideband controller which output a analog voltage (via the ELD input).

KManager Configuration. The following parameters should be used in KManager:

Use only PRA ECU calibrations (PRA ECUs are the only ECUs which support a narrowband primary oxygen sensor).
Disable the immobilizer.
Disable VTC.
Disable the multiplexer.
Select 'Use alternate AC switch input'.
Select 'Use Secondary Oxygen Sensor for Primary'.

OBDII Scan tools. OBDII scan tools work normally, and is smog compatible. Note that the S2000 K-Pro is not smog legal, and for off road use only.

2006-2007 S2000. The RSX ECU is not compatible with the 06-07 drive by wire, so the S2000 K-Pro cannot be used. Sorry.

User Supplied ECUs. User supplied ECUs must be checked before sending to Hondata. Any damaged or faulty ECUs will incur a processing cost.

ECU Mounting. The ECU is the approximate size and shape of the S2000 ECU, and is located with the same orientation as the S2000 ECU, however it does not have the mounting holes in the same location. A mounting bracket is supplied to mount the ECU in the stock location. Note that this photo is from a hand made prototype - the finished bracket will be laser cut.

Important Delivery Note:

As an official Hondata dealer, we normally have products in stock. In the unlikely event that the stock runs out, we guarantee a shipment to you within a week of your purchase date.