Sportsman S/R Tyre 27 x 6.00 R17LT

Sportsman S/R Tyre 27 x 6.00 R17LT

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This modern day version of our classic Sportsman tire features radial construction and an unique flamed tread pattern. Extra wide rears and matching fronts, make this tire a must for any street rod or street machine builder!

  • Unique Flamed tread design that Provides Improved Wet Traction
  • Radial Construction for High Mileage and Smooth Ride
  • H-Speed Rated up to 130 m.p.h. (210 k.p.h)
  • Fronts can be used with our ET Street Radial


Size: 27 x 6.00 R17LT
Approx Weight: 21-lbs.
Approved Rims: 4.0-5.0"
Measuring Rim: 4.5"
Section Width: 6.2"
Tread Width: 5.4"
Overall Diameter: 26.0"