Return Terms

Please choose your products carefully, as we do not refund processed and dispatched orders unless they are compromised in some way or unless otherwise stated. Returns are only available for dispatched orders that contain supplied goods that are wholly or partly defective in appearance, incorrectly packaged or sent in error by fault of  parts, or the goods fail to operate in accordance to their specification or duration period. 

Should the need arise to return a product or products please advise us by email us at within 7 days of the date of receipt of your order. We will resupply your order promptly or any part thereof freight free in instances upon receipt of the returned goods which are in error by fault of our parts or obviously defective from manufacture.

Warranty returns which are in question of being faulty in appearance or performance by the customer are subject to inspection by the manufacturer and will be forwarded on to our supplier for a full warranty claim. If an immediate substitute part is required, the replacement item plus freight costs are to be purchased by the customer again until the warranty claim can be fully processed by our supplier. The customer understands that they will cover the postage to send the item back to the manufacturer for an inspection under that manufacturer’s warranty terms. The customer understands that Performance Heaven is an intermediary between the customer and manufacturer and that all warranty decisions are at discretion of the manufacturer.

In the event of a warranty claim credit or refund we will contact the customer directly either via phone or email for details of reimbursement preferably using secure online bank to bank transfer method.

To assist us with any returns please provide us with the following details: your full name and address, product details, invoice number, date of purchase, and the reason for return. Upon receipt of this information we will contact you with the preferred method of goods return if the item cannot be returned by post.