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The MicroTech 5” Pro Dash is suitable for a wide variety of street and race applications.

With 11x onboard sensor inputs, 24x logging channels and 4x auxiliary outputs, the 5” Pro Dash has the features and flexibility to be used as a Data Logging Dash using the CAN connection to most popular EFI systems, or a as powerful stand alone logging system.

Up to 4x data screens, warning indicators for each sensor and shift lights can be user configurable using the touch screen or laptop. This ensures the driver can view all vital engine data at a glance, and be warned should any dangerous engine conditions occur.

When being used in a street application, the 5” Pro Logger Dash can replace all the factory gauges and indicator lights.

Inputs for turn signal indicators, lights on, high beam, fuel level, and an onboard odometer are all a standard feature, making the MicroTech 5” Pro Dash 100% street legal and ADR compliant for road use.

Installation is easy using the billet steering column mounting bracket included with the dash.


Touch screen full colour 5” anti glare display
Real time display of all engine parameters
24 channel, User Selectable, high speed (100 times/second) onboard data logging channels
Compatible with all MicroTech “C” series ECU’s via CAN connection. Also compatible with Haltech, MoTeC, Link, OBD2, Emtron & MSD Grid CAN Protocols
11x Additional sensor inputs wired directly to dash (4x pressure sensor inputs, 3x temperature inputs, 1x 0-5v position input, 2x rpm based inputs, dedicated fuel level input)
4x Auxiliary outputs (1x External shift light output, 1x Alarm output, 1x Temp switched Aux output, 1x User configurable aux output)
Road speed display via GPS (GPS receiver included)
Inbuilt ¼ mile ET & MPH drag timer via GPS
Inbuilt circuit race lap timer via GPS
User defined engine warning lights & min/max limits for each sensor
User defined LED shift lights
Inbuilt user adjustable audible warning buzzer
LED Turn signal indicators
Fuel level display
Lights “on” Indicator
High Beam Indicator
Built in 3 Axis G-meter
Billet aluminium case
4x user programmable display screens to monitor the data of your choice via the touch screen or optional push button
Setting of all limits & functions via the touch screen or laptop connection
High speed USB port for fast data downloads direct to laptop
Expandable for use with MicroTech CAN add on devices such as EGT module, Pro Boost controller, Input 8 add on sensor module, LSU 4.9 & Methanol wideband module
ADR compliant for road use in Australia
Adjustable billet mounting bracket included
Outside dimensions: 152mm wide, 98mm high, 20.5mm thick