Bosch - In take replacment pump for Ford Falcon FG - FGX

Bosch - In take replacment pump for Ford Falcon FG - FGX

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FUEL PUMP PART NUMBER: F02UV0U343-01 Made in Germany by Bosch Motorsport. Exceeds specifications of SAEJ1537 Compatible with pump gas, e85, and race fuels Carbon commutators and brushes, fully encapsulated machine balanced armature, composite turbine impeller.

ASSEMBLY PART NUMBER: Sniper Performance MOD-043-400-BM.

PRESSURE AND FLOW RATE: - Up to 540 l/h @ open flow - Up to 460 l/h @ 40Psi (2.75bar) - Up to 380 l/h @ 80Psi,  (5.5bar) - Up to 270l/h @ 145Psi (10.0bar). supports 750-1000 BHP at the flywheel.

VOLTS & AMP CONSUMPTION: - Draws ~16A @ 40Psi (2.75bar), ~19A @ 80Psi (5.5bar), ~24A @ 145Psi (10.0bar)

ASSEMBLY HEIGHT: Base to flange 230-mm Compressed 190-mm.

ASSEMBLY CAPACITY: POD 1-litre same as factory unit.

ASSEMBLY HOSE FITTINGS: Left Returnee (8-mm c-lock). Centre (blocked) Right (10-mm c-lock) Fuel out.

 WIRING HARNESS: One piece wiring loom Delphi to BOSCH with stainless steel braid fitted to pump.

PRESSURE HOSES: High pressure, high burst, high flow white & black submersible fuel hose made in the EU, 155mm long.