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Plazmaman’s  Lightweight Tube & Fin replacement intercooler is designed to suit the Nissan Skyline GT-R R32 – R34 models.

From factory, the RB26DETT powered GT-R Nissan Skylines come out with a large size front mount intercooler as standard equipment, however they start to lose their efficiency at 450+ engine horsepower levels. Plazmaman’s tube and fin upgrade intercooler are rated to make efficient power to 1300hp+ at the flywheel, and still appears like a factory intercooler from outside the vehicle. This intercooler is ideal for vehicles making 1000+awhp on high boost pressures, utilizing huge 80mm end tank outlets. (other end tank outlet sizes available in checkout)

   Standard Specifications;

  • 1000-1300+ hp Rated Competition Spec Intercooler
  • 600x300x100mm.
  • Lightweight tube & fin race spec core design.
  • Large sweeping end tanks as per factory appearance and OEM 80mm outlets (other sizes available also).
  • 8.4kgs total weight.
  • Available in Raw, Black or Polished finish.

   Product Options;

  • This intercooler can be ordered with Hose Style bottom inlet/outlet end tanks.
  • This intercooler can be ordered with Plazmaclamp outlet assemblies.
  • We can build a completely custom end tank style – please Contact Us to discuss further options.

      For R34 V-spec owners, you can keep you Intake Temperature sender (unlike other brands).

Please be aware that due to the large 100mm thickness and nature of the Competition Intercooler, some sacrifices have to be made to flow horsepower. Some minor plastic trimming at rear of the front bar will be required depending on model. Frontal appearance of the bar will not be affected. Some custom bracket mods might have to be done also depending on model and the location/tilt of the cooler required. 

Please be advised that the flow rating figures for this intercooler is based on CFM flow figures and experience. These figures might not be correct if a larger capacity engine (6 Litre +) and/or larger body 90mm + front blade size turbocharger is used. Please contact us if you fall into this category for intercooler requirement.