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This Plazmaman water to air intercooler is to suit the Nissan Patrol GU and GQ, TD42 Turbo Diesel Engine. This is a bolt on intercooler only, and is supplied with all necessary brackets for easy fitment. This unit is suited for vehicles which use 16+psi of boost pressure, in heavy towing and competition use. For low boost, light towing applications, please see our stage 1 unit (related items below). We also can supply other Water to Air components to make a full system if required (please see the water to air section)

We offer this intercooler as a standalone unit, as there are a huge selection of turbochargers and turbocharger mounting positions, which place the turbocharger and required piping in various different positions. Please look through the images to see if the outlet configuration will suit your setup, if your not sure please contact us first. We can modify/change outlet sizes and positions as required. The standalone unit allows a custom installation of suitable piping for the turbocharger.

Why water to air?

An air to air intercooler requires constant airflow through the front of the vehicle to be efficient. Whilst this works quite well in street driven vehicles, it’s not ideal for vehicles used in low speed 4wding applications, as there is little to no airflow in these conditions. With a water to air system, you have a constant flow of cool water circulating through the intercooler core at all times, ensuring that you have all the benefits of increased horsepower and torque whilst climbing the hills!

Whats Incuded:

  • Stage 2 Water to Air Intercooler Unit (with built in filler neck).
  • Mounting Brackets.

The intercooler and brackets are available in raw, or stealth black finish. The intercooler is supplied with a built in filler neck, with an option for a pressure relief type cap at an additional cost.

***PLEASE NOTE - This intercooler does NOT suit a high-mount turbo setup. It is best suited to factory-style low-mount turbo systems.***