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It’s no secret that we spend a lot of time working with the rotary engine here at MicroTech. The fastest rotary guys in the world are all using our products and have done so for over 25 years.

The MicroTech Rotary Engine Compression tester has been used and tested by several of the worlds leading rotary mechanics and tuners and is now available to the public.

We have incorporated all the features they asked for into the final product to make a great tool that every serious rotary enthusiast shouldn’t be without.

Connects to laptop via the MicroTech “Handset Editor” software
Displays an actual psi reading and real time graph for each face of the rotor.
Self powered from the laptop (no need for a separate battery connection)
Suitable for rotary engines up to 6 rotors
Compression readings can have notes added and be saved as a text file to the laptop (this feature is great for monitoring the condition of the engine after each race meeting)
Supplied with 0-150psi stainless “gauge” type pressure sensor. For those that feel they need elevation correction, an “absolute” pressure sensor can be used and calibrated in the software.
Small in size so will easily fit in the tuners laptop bag